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Make Travel Possible

I'm here to tell you that yes, your traveling dreams are possible. No, they're not some sort of Pinterest Dream that is unachievable. The purpose of this blog is to teach you how to achieve it. With mindful budgeting, and planning YOU can travel. You can travel on a special trip for you and your significant other. You can travel with a group of friends. You can even bring your kids along!

Blog Highlights

Pasta Making Class in Italy with Kids

Pasta Making Class in Florence = Ideal Family Activity A pasta making class is an ABSOLUTE MUST for your family vacation to Italy! Finding a pasta making class for our Italy vacation with the kids was at the top of our list. We asked each of our children what their top three things were for…

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How to start saving for vacation

How to truly begin adding to your vacation budget The first place you begin to save for vacation may not be what you think. It’s not about making more money to vacation (although that’s always nice). It’s about maximizing the savings where you are already spending within your household budget. If you don’t keep an…

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9 Practical Travel Gifts for Kids

9 Practical Travel Gifts for Kids Gifts that can be used for travel with your kids are THE BEST kind of gifts, in my opinion!  I also like the fact that most of the suggested gifts on this list can be used in many types of vacations as well as outside of vacation! If you…

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Gain More Travel Knowledge

Cruise ships in port

How We Cruise on a Budget

How We Cruise on a Budget At first a cruise may not seem like the most budget friendly way to take a vacation as a family, but there are ways to keep costs down. Cruising on a budget takes planning but it’s totally doable! We are very lucky because we live within driving distance to…

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Different money and coins sitting on a map.

How to Plan Kids’ Spending Money for Vacation

Money: Teaching children how to use & save while traveling  We all know that money & budgeting are an important part of vacation planning. Including the kids in this is an even more important part. Who doesn’t want to raise their children to become independent and productive members of society? Introductions to the skills they…

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Kids in Europe with backpacks

Why we make our kids pack themselves

Why we make our kids pack for vacation themselves. It’s true. Why we make our kids pack for vacation themselves. It takes MUCH longer to have the kids pack their own things than if we just did it for them. And, yes, we do have to go behind them to double check that they haven’t…

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