Practical Items for the Minimal Traveler

I am still at the beginning of my journey to becoming a minimal traveler.

The biggest part of my journey is learning about minimal travel packing.


It's a challenge to reset our thinking and approach to packing but honestly, it's been so very freeing!  In fact, it's been a great way to continue our minimalist journey in our home as well.  We realize that living with less at home makes it much easier to travel with less.


We get asked all the time how we travel with so little.  So here's a little list of our minimal travel must haves!


Minimalist Traveler

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These are all practical items.

As tempting as all the amazing (and cute) accessories are we avoid them.  We want travel to be simple so we can focus on the experience of it.  Plus, it's easier on our budget if we don't buy everything that catches our eye.  


We don't mind investing in quality pieces but only do so after much research.  Minimal doesn't always equal cheap.

This can also work as suggestions to give friends and family who want to buy you a gift.  When they ask what you need you'll already have a list ready to send to them!

Our Must Haves for Minimal Travel


Compression packing cubes are THE BEST things ever to stay organized when packing!  After the first time we used a couple we knew we were hooked.  We bought extra sets when the kids traveled with us to Europe and we only used backpacks for two weeks!  

It makes it SO much easier for the kids to pack themselves too!.

A bonus is that it keeps dirty clothes separate from the clean ones when traveling home.


Neck pillows are definitely a must for our family.  However I knew I didn't want a bulky item to carry around so I discovered the inflatable neck pillows.  Not all are created equal...the ones we bought the kids last year were inflatable but they didn't deflate small enough.  Be sure to buy one that stores tiny so it doesn't take up too much room in your bag. 


Family passport holder.  This is not the exact one we have - I can't find the link any longer - but this was helpful to prevent us from fumbling through our shoulder bag while in the airport.  

Staying organized, especially when traveling with children, is key to reducing anxiety in our family!  



This toiletry bag has been with us for YEARS!

It packs so well and holds a crazy amount of items.  There is a slightly larger bag as well but for now our family of four is perfectly content with this toiletry bag. 

A portable charger is a must if you use your phone as your primary camera like I do on vacation!

Since we use our phones for our GPS as well that also drains the batteries and we learned during how wonderful these little chargers are after a thoughtful Airbnb host left one for us to use!

When we first received this 28L Cotopaxi backpack we knew immediately we wanted to invest in the 35L backpack.  It's well organized (see a theme yet?!) and comfortable to wear.  

We are still on our journey of becoming minimal travelers and this backpack is a key component!



  1. Angela Mc on December 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    I love travel items. We will purchase the toiletry bag before our next trip.

    • Dusti Smith Stoneman on December 15, 2019 at 11:20 pm

      I really do love it! Once the kids start traveling on their own we will be sure to buy them their own!

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