Pasta Making Class in Florence = Ideal Family Activity

A pasta making class is an ABSOLUTE MUST for your family vacation to Italy!

Finding a pasta making class for our Italy vacation with the kids was at the top of our list. We asked each of our children what their top three things were for our trip.   Our 8 year old daughter, Clara Lynn, insisted on learning how to make pasta. It was the THE MOST FUN!  Be sure to check out the photo at the end of her....completely satisfied after devouring her homemade pasta!


The class we chose was hosted by Vivanda Firenze which is located just across the Arno River in Florence.  While we were waiting on the class to begin we had the best gelato I’ve ever eaten at Sbrino Gelatificio Contadino. Because why not stuff our face with gelato right before we make a ton of pasta?!  


All of the photos in this blog posts were taken with my phone! Find out why I, as a professional photographer, prefer my phone camera over my DSLR while traveling!

We chose this particular class because it started at  3 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a great way to have an early dinner because, as you may know, dinner in Italy tends to be very late.  Our daughter fell asleep almost every single night during our meal!

Also, as a bonus, they use organic ingredients! 


We arrived at the restaurant and was directed to a prep area where they already had tables set to begin our lesson. Everyone was given their own apron and the kids were beside themselves with excitement!  Each person had a small mound of flour, a bowl, two eggs, and a rolling pin.


Our instructor said, “It’s simple but not easy.” 

He was right. 

All it takes is flour and eggs and the most important ingredient….L O V E.

That’s it. 

Simple, right?

Weeelllllll…….it definitely wasn’t as easy as it seemed. But it was great fun at least!  We worked and worked and worked our dough to get it to the right consistency. It was amazing to me that our instructor could come over and either look at it or put a finger on it to know exactly how many more minutes we needed to knead the dough before it was ready.


We made three types of pasta:

  • The first type of pasta made was ugly pasta.  That’s truly what he called it! The real name is Cappellacci.  It looked like a type of tortellini to me.
  • The second type of pasta was ravioli.  
  • The third was a noodle of some kind with jagged edges.  Maybe someone can tell me the proper name for it!

The kids absolutely loved making the ugly pasta!  So did Wes and I....we felt so accomplished! 

Finally....we ate the pasta we made!


After we finished making all of our pasta we went to their restaurant while they cooked it.  It was unbelievable. Clara Lynn polished off her ENTIRE meal! We finished with a delightful dessert that was absolutely amazing.   All of the adults were given the restaurant’s own organic wine. It was absolutely perfect.

This experience is perfect for families because it allows you to have a fun activity to do together and also includes your dinner!  So part of your food budget for that day will cover your activity. It’s an amazing value.


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