Road trip with kids

Family Friendly Podcasts for Road Trips: A screen free alternative to passing time in the car

We are one of those families that limit screen time - in daily life but also on vacation.  If we are flying the kids pretty much get free reign to watch as much as they want on their own personal screens!  They love it and it’s not very often so it’s definitely a special treat for them! However, when it comes to road trips we have limited screen time and so to find out there are family friendly podcasts was a win!

I recently discovered how amazing podcasts can be.  I tend to be a late adopter on most things so now I feel like I have to make up for lost time and listen to ALL the podcasts!  I even listen to them while I'm cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, or in the shower. It only made sense for us to start listening to them in the car as a family. 

We know that being disconnected is not the way we want our family to be.  It’s not always easy. It takes effort. An easy way to spend time together is while you are in the car.  Showing them that spending time together on a road trip doesn’t have to be dull has been a goal of ours. We love having talking with each other and use this Ultimate List of Conversation Starters to prompt fun conversations!   Sometimes we have quiet time. And, other times we listen to podcasts together as a family.

road trip with kids

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Podcasts for Kids

We tend to love the ones that are educational. Not because we are intentionally trying to find only educational just happens to be the ones our kids like the best.  They both LOVE the science and why podcasts.  


The family friendly podcasts we have listed below are easy for everyone to listen to so it’s a great way to spend time together learning new things.  It opens up so many discussions and allows us to connect in a different way. We tell the kids all the time that we need to exercise our brain so why not do it together?

Podcasts for Mom & Dad (that are ok for kids to hear)

Personal Development:

  • Stuff you Missed in History Class
  • The Dave Ramsey Show
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast
  • Tiny Leaps Big Changes
  • The Minimalist Podcast

My Ever Growing Family Friendly Podcast List:

Because I know there are many other podcasts out there that are perfect for family road trips I’d LOVE to hear your recommendations!  Leave a link to your favorites in the comments and I’ll add them to my ever growing list below:


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