A Quick Guide to Starting a Blog “But HOW do you start a blog?” I’ve been asked this so many times even though my blog is very young.  I am still figuring things out but I thought I’d go ahead and put this out there for those who want a simple overview.  I’ll update as…

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Why I Prefer my Phone Camera for my Everyday….and my Vacations I am a professional photographer and yet, honestly, cannot stand taking my big camera with me vacation. Why? Because our phone cameras are so amazing and take better phone photos than ever before! AND I always have my phone with me. AND it is…

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What to Borrow for Travel Why do we feel we can’t borrow the things we need to travel?  I know it’s easy when planning a vacation to get caught up in thinking we need to buy new clothing, new travel gear, and all the other things you can think of to buy ahead of a…

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Children in Venice on vacation

Europe with Kids: 10 Cities in 16 Days Europe with kids…..sounds a tad intimidating for many, I know! May was the first time our children (ages 8 and 10) traveled to Europe for vacation and they totally rocked it! We were a tad hesitant to stay so long with them but we also knew that…

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money travel budget

5 Things you Always Forget on your Vacation Budget A vacation budget is essential! I know it’s not much fun, but not having enough money for your vacation is worse! You don’t want to be halfway through your vacation and realize you’ve under budgeted for all you want to do. When planning your vacation budget…

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Cruise ships in port

How We Cruise on a Budget At first a cruise may not seem like the most budget friendly way to take a vacation as a family, but there are ways to keep costs down. Cruising on a budget takes planning but it’s totally doable! We are very lucky because we live within driving distance to…

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Different money and coins sitting on a map.

Money: Teaching children how to use & save while traveling  We all know that money & budgeting are an important part of vacation planning. Including the kids in this is an even more important part. Who doesn’t want to raise their children to become independent and productive members of society? Introductions to the skills they…

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Kids in Europe with backpacks

Why we make our kids pack for vacation themselves. It’s true. Why we make our kids pack for vacation themselves. It takes MUCH longer to have the kids pack their own things than if we just did it for them. And, yes, we do have to go behind them to double check that they haven’t…

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