9 Practical Travel Gifts for Kids

Gifts that can be used for travel with your kids are THE BEST kind of gifts, in my opinion!  I also like the fact that most of the suggested gifts on this list can be used in many types of vacations as well as outside of vacation!

If you are like us, we tend to be pretty minimal when it comes to gift-giving. We don't like buying gifts simply to buy gifts. It has it to make sense. We believe it should be useful. If it's one thing I can't stand is seeing things that are unused in our household.


That doesn't mean we don't spend money on gifts. What it means is that we put thought and intention into it. 

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Planning Ahead

Because we are always planning our next vacation we have started to think of giving gifts to our children that could be used in future trips.  That doesn't mean we buy everything that they need for a vacation - many times we borrow from friends first. But for those things that make sense for us to purchase and we can get use from over and over we love to give those as gifts!

Thinking Back

Gifts for travel may not be the most exciting gifts for your children but think back to all the gifts you've given them over the past few years.


Where are those gifts now?

Do they even still have them?

And if they do have them are they actually using them?

We talk to our children often about our budget. And about the importance of not spending more money than we earn.   They are beginning to understand that we have to make choices every single day regarding our budget.

The choices can be hard for kids to understand.

They can be hard for us too.


But we have found that we enjoy being in control of our money. We realized that “spend now, think later” is not the way we want to live.

Gift Ideas for Road Trips

Gift Ideas for International Vacations

Gift Ideas for Beach Vacations

This is definitely not a comprehensive list but why overwhelm yourself? 

Start simple.  


What other ideas do you have to give your children useful travel gifts? I’d love to hear them!


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